My name is Anthony Gagliardi, and I've been a professional angler for over 16 years now.  In my years of tournament fishing I have used countless rods, and found features in certain rods that I did like.  But in all those years and all those rods I never seemed to find one that I felt had everything the way I truly wanted.  This is what led me to begin Level Rods, a company owned and operated by me.  From design to even hand building test samples, I am personally involved with each and every rod that is sold.  And since I make my living and provide for my family fishing with these rods, I take that responsibility very seriously.

Most Level Rods have 12 guides plus the tip top.  This has a huge impact on how a rod fishes.  It reduces line contact on the blank which leads to longer and smoother casts.  It also distributes the load from the line more evenly across the blank, allowing the rod to realize the blank's true potential.  The guides are smaller than traditional guides yet larger than micros, therefore combining the benifits of both.

Comfort is a characteristic I feel many rod manufacturers overlook.  It doesnt matter how well a rod can perform, if its not comfortable, its not going to be enjoyable to fish with; so I designed grip/handle combinations that gave ultimate feel and comfort.

It was my goal to produce a rod that has the best combination of lightness, sensitivity, durability, and comfort; and offer it at a price that makes it affordable. I think I have achieved that goal, and in doing so I feel Level Rods give more "bang for your buck" than any rod out there.

As a customer, you can be assured that Level Rods are built with performance and quality in mind.  Each rod is hand crafted here in the United States with the utmost care and attention to detail.  I hope you enjoy these rods as much as I do creating them!